Virtual Catalogue Raisonné Listing Request

To submit work by Èdouard Leon Cortès, fill out the form below in its entirety (all fields marked with *). The virtual catalogue raisonné committee will provide instructions for shipping the work/s to Dallas, Texas for review, which is the preferred method. Professional High-resolution images of the front, back and signature are also accepted. High-resolution images can be sent via CD, Thumb Drive, Drop-box or via email. If the images do not meet the quality required for review, the painting/s will need to be delivered or shipped to Dallas, Texas (cost of shipping to Dallas and the return is the responsibility of the owner or agent).

If a painting/s is accepted, it will to be included in Catalogue Raisonné for the complete works of Èdouard Leon Cortès (1883 - 1962). A unique catalogue Inventory number and an acceptance letter will be issued. Works that do not meet our criteria will be stored for future reference but not included in the Èdouard Leon Cortès virtual catalogue raisonné.

Fee: The submission fee to be included in the Èdouard Leon Cortès Virtual Catalogue Raisonné is $350.00 (per painting). If you decide to proceed, you will be sent an invoice for the submission fee plus all applicable taxes. All fees are non-refundable.